"I make films in the surrealist manner forcing inspiration as often as possible. When I am not inspired, I do not make films. I have always wanted to show the 'impossible' in my films, and to astonish the viewer, rather than entertain or tell the truth. Animations that try to be clever or amusing usually fail for me, and for that reason most cartoons leave me cold for all their amazing transmutations, although as a child of five, cartoons changed my life, and eventually made me an animator. I often operate on freely associated series of images, finding the trail as I go, not plotting it, though some of the films are meticulously scripted. When I astonish myself, I put it in the film. When I don't, I leave it out"

— Lawrence Jordan

Below are a list of some of the films in alphabetical order. Clik on the image for descriptions, details and preview of the film.

Trilogies / Series

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